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C++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation Library
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Make a Difference

Do not ask what TraDemGen can do for you. Ask what you can do for TraDemGen.

You can help us to develop the TraDemGen library. There are always a lot of things you can do:

  • Start using TraDemGen
  • Tell your friends about TraDemGen and help them to get started using it
  • If you find a bug, report it to us. Without your help we can never hope to produce a bug free code.
  • Help us to improve the documentation by providing information about documentation bugs
  • Answer support requests in the TraDemGen discussion forums on SourceForge. If you know the answer to a question, help others to overcome their TraDemGen problems.
  • Help us to improve our algorithms. If you know of a better way (e.g. that is faster or requires less memory) to implement some of our algorithms, then let us know.
  • Help us to port TraDemGen to new platforms. If you manage to compile TraDemGen on a new platform, then tell us how you did it.
  • Send us your code. If you have a good TraDemGen compatible code, which you can release under the LGPL, and you think it should be included in TraDemGen, then send it to us.
  • Become an TraDemGen developer. Send us an e-mail and tell what you can do for TraDemGen.